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Fire your imagination with BTInterface

Control your doohickeys via Bluetooth!

BTInterface is an Android application for communicating with a micro controller device such as the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi, PIC or others to provide control functions and much more over a bluetooth serial connection.

BTInterface acts as the ‘screen & buttons’ to your device!

Many features with many more to come

Unlimited Applications


Devices can act on incoming SMS Text messages!

- A whole series of commands can be sent in one Text

- Search for BTInterface on the Google Play Store.

- Free Trial Version available on Google Play Store.

- BTInterface is evolving, join the user forum.

- New ideas are helping BTInterface to evolve.

Limited only by your imagination.

BTInterface Is such a joy to use it will inspire you to create fantastic devices.

Just having it set up with a terminal screen in the micro-controller Integrated Development Environment is fun, issuing live commands to experiment, these commands can easily be added to the code when ready.

             Having my micro controller device issue spoken commands is neat!

Send an SMS Text message with:  sms 12345678 this is the message

How easy is that?  Plus many of the commands that I can send from my device to BTInterface work even when BTInterface is sitting in the background!

Acting on incoming SMS text messages! Means that I can operate my device from any phone that can send a text message from anywhere in the world!

Commands like sfx10 plays sound effect No. 10  Hide  sends BTInterface to the background but its still working!  Screen1 brings BTInterface to the foreground again and shows screen1

 Really easy!  Tremendous fun!

Go to the Google Play Store and get your free trial of BTInterface!

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