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A 20 minute video to show what can be done with BTInterface in just a few minutes. This video shows that you can have a lot of fun with BTInterface even if you don’t want to interface with micro controllers.

Done in one take I show how to get BTInterface to play sound effects and use the TTS Text To Speech engine to speak, show the screens, hide BTInterface etc. just by sending one text message to the android device that has BTInterface running! Its fun to make your android phone all of a sudden say something even when you thought it was turned off.


A quick video to show off things like wireless and how to add features through code.

The mere act of using BTInterface is in itself an inspiration so if you didn’t have an idea of a machine to make and sell before you see these videos then I’m pretty sure you will have.

Let your imagination get the better of you.


Shall we control a servo with the slidebar. The servo only uses one pin on a micro controller!

We are still only adding a few lines of code and yet we have the sophisticated function of controlling servos!

What could you control with a servo? What could you control with a whole bunch of servos?


Sell your inventions, your users can download BTInterface to control them!

Were you thinking of perhaps a two-lined LCD display? Maybe a matrix keyboard, perhaps a small sound generator unit as well?

You can do all that but for 5 uk pounds, 6 euros, 8 dollars you can buy a bluetooth module to include a much more sophisticated method of control. Instantly add features to your device such as send SMS texts! Speech! Sound effects! And its wireless!

Here are a few videos to give you an idea of just how easy and how much fun it is to incorporate BTInterface in to your designs.

Its all very well ‘making a friend’  but what if she should become ‘self aware’ ?

I realised that my other videos make it look as if BTInterface is doing all of the work where as in fact it is the Arduino that is doing it so I put some buttons on the breadboard and wrote a few routines in the Arduino code to show that it really is the Arduino that is in control.

But it starts to get a little bit scary as the AI, that is the Arduino in the form of an electronic lady, begins to take over the world!