Jolly clever email trick if you have Gmail

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Jolly clever email trick if you have Gmail

Postby Ian » Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:44 pm

When you give someone your email address wouldn't it be nice to give them a unique one so that if you started to get spam you could see how you got on that spam list and you could then send any of those emails direct to the spam folder.

Well, if you have a gmail account then you can :D

If my email address was (it isn't but if it was) I can also send email to so for example if I had to give out my email address to join a forum I could do ...

If I ever get an email and its 'to' that email address I know where it came from.

If I started to get spam I could send all emails with that address in the 'to' field straight to the spam bin and I'd know how they got my email address.

You can easily try it and get comfy with it, just send yourself some emails that start with your proper email address and have various things after the + sign

traditionally many email servers ignore upper case capital letters and just convert it all to lower case but I think gmail preserves the case so it can be worth doing your email like
for clarity.


Its a thing that allows you to do things with things.

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Re: Jolly clever email trick if you have Gmail

Postby ProfShadow » Wed May 10, 2017 3:39 pm

Way cool trick!
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