Get over 50% off Basic4android to program your own Apps!

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Get over 50% off Basic4android to program your own Apps!

Postby Ian » Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:03 pm

Hi all, I have been asked what language I used to develop BTInterface in.

I used B4a (Basic4android) which is actually the only language specifically designed for Android! See here >
It can do everything that Eclipse/Java can do but a whole lot quicker!, no runtimes or anything, it compiles android .apk files ready to go online for sale!

I thought I'd let you know that I got into their affiliate program and if you purchase it I'd recommend the Enterprise version where you get updates for 2 years, because Erel,
the guy who invented it keeps making it better and better, i've had loads of updates since I started!

The way of getting discounts has changed so for Android development see the first comment in this youtube vid here:

and for the iOS version see the first comment in my vid here... (but the method is the same)

Is it dishonest or illegal to do it this way?

Well the sales tax, if you choose to pay it gets paid to the country of origin which in this case is Israel.

Are you legally obliged to pay sales tax to Israel if you don't live there? nope.

Basic4android and Basic4iOS are really easy to get to use, much of the code can be used in both and they have a great community ready to help you out, just like this one!



Its a thing that allows you to do things with things.

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