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You can send text messages to your android phone running BTInterface to get it to do fun stuff even if you don’t have a bluetooth enabled micro controller device!

This can be a great way to see a little of what BTInterface can do to help you decide if you want to delve further :)

First run BTInterface on your android phone. (It has to be able to receive SMS text messages for this to work) then enter a password into the box where it says ‘Act on and silence incoming messages that start with this Password:’

A good password to begin with might be something like bti or something that a normal text message from people you know would begin with.

The reason for this is that BTInterface will listen out for incoming text messages and if a message comes in that has this password as the first word then BTInterface will steal that message away from the system and act on any commands that it may contain. Your normal message application, the one that alerts you to incoming text messages won’t even see it!

It might be fun to tell your friends this password just to see what they do :)

Now with this set you can send text messages from another phone to this one and if they start with the password you can get your android phone to do some cool stuff :)

Try this: from another phone send a text message to your android phone beginning with the password, let’s imagine that the password you have set is bti so send this message:

Bti sfx2; p; say hello this is your phone speaking.

See how that goes, if it works then BTInterface should play a sound effect and then speak those words!

Even if BTInterface is not currently visible on your screen, or indeed even if you have pressed the power button your phone is in standby mode!

Sorry this only works for devices with phone functions but tablet users still have a lot of fun things that they can use BTInterface for!

There are lots more cool things you can do, have a look around in the help for more info or come to the website:


Beware though!

If one of your dastardly friends gets to know the incoming text password and ‘Allow sending of SMS Messages:’ is turned on, they could send it a text which includes a command to send itself a text which might put it in an endless loop of sending itself texts! This would not be good for the mobile phone bill!

I will not be held responsible for large mobile phone bills!

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