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Note: TTS is so complicated that sometimes the only way to get it to work is to restart your device. Sometimes you even have to turn it off and turn it on again.

TTS or Text To Speech is great fun!

Having a micro controller send commands to the user’s Android device that makes it speak can provide hours of amusement :)

And of course, ahem, it can be a valuable audio tool to announce important system-critical information such as ‘Your device temperature indicates that it is just about to catch fire, please advise?’

Or ‘Pettengill replace your O2 canister immediately!’

(If your micro controller device happens to be in a space suit on mars)

TTS is complicated! You may need to adjust the TTS settings.

Please see the lower part of the text on how to Access Settings for TTS specific settings and troubleshooting info.

Also we have a section about TTS in our forum on the website:


So please join us there for help and advice.

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