Can I use it without a micro controller?

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Well you can… BTInterface was designed to be used to control and to be controlled by a micro controller or PC with a bluetooth module, you know, an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi or a PC or Laptop or some such, but if you install BTInterface onto an android phone device rather than a tablet then you should be able to send text messages to it to get it to perform some fun and cool things even when it isn’t connected to a micro controller!

Firstly you have to make sure BTInterface has an SMS text password set by pressing your phone’s menu button and choosing settings. Choose a password that is not likely to be the first word in any other incoming text message, bti is a good choice and this is set by default.

Then while BTInterface is running on your phone you can text it from another phone and if the first word in the text is the password then you can get BTInterface to do some interesting things.

Let's start with an example.

Let's say you take your second phone and you write out a text which you’re going to send to the phone running BTInterface and you write:

Bti say hello, this is my android phone speaking.;p;p;hide;sfx2;say this is screen 1;p;screen1;p;sfx10;say bye bye.;p;hide;toast I'm still here you know :)

Here we are sending a series of commands which are between the semi-colons ; characters. The message must start with the SMS password, here it is Bti then a space. then we can send a series of commands ending each one with a semi-colon. Here's an explanation of the above text:

The first part of the text message begins with Bti so BTInterface knows to work on this message and not let it go further to the phone’s messaging app. Then there is a space and then the commands begin:

say hello, this is my android phone speaking; This ‘say’ command causes the Text To Speech engine in your phone to speak the words 'hello, this is my android phone speaking'

;p;p; The p is for pause, here we have two pauses to wait for the speech to stop. Each pause lasts 1 second

hide; this is the same as pressing the home key on your android device, whatever is displayed on the screen, including BTInterface will be sent to the background and you can now see your home screen but BTInterface is still working in the background!

sfx2; plays sound effect number 2

say this is screen 1; causes the TTS engine to say those words

screen1; causes BTInterface to display screen1, if it is in the background it will pop up and show screen1

p; another pause

sfx10; play sound effect number 10

say bye bye.; say those words

p; another pause

hide; shows the home screen (sends BTInterface to the background)

toast I'm still here you know :) causes BTInterface to display a pop up message with the text 'I'm still here you know :)' (you don't need to finish the last command with a semi colon)

It did all of that using less than 160 characters (the limit per text message).

So, yes, you can do some cool things with BTInterface even if it is not connected to a micro controller or PC or whatever.

Beware!, you can also send the command sms so this text message to an android phone device running BTInterface:

Bti sms 0123456789 Hello this is a text message from my phone.

will cause your android phone to send an outgoing sms message so anyone who knows your phone's number and your BTInterface SMS password could send it a text to get it to send a text to someone else who would see that text as coming from your phone!

Double Beware!

If one of your dastardly friends gets to know the incoming text password and ‘Allow sending of SMS Messages:’ is turned on, they could send it a text which includes a command to send itself a text which might put it in an endless loop of sending itself texts! This would not be good for the mobile phone bill!

I will not be held responsible for large mobile phone bills!

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Normally these commands would be programmed into the micro controller or PC etc. so you could for example send a text to your controller and it might respond by sending a text back to you saying something like 'your house remains relatively un-burgled'

Any commands that you can send to BTInterface from a micro controller, you can also send to BTInterface in a text but when you realise how much fun this is then you should really get into programming micro controllers, it is a cheap hobby and a lot of fun! And much easier than you'd think!

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