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Many people spend a lot of time developing apps for Android then they put them onto the various web selling platforms at a cheap price hoping that a lot of the many millions of Android users will buy their app and thus they will make a decent amount of money from it.

Unfortunately all too often what happens is that the developer looks back and realises that they have made very little money for the massive amount of effort that they put into making the app.

What happens then? Well the developer doesn’t feel like doing any more with that app, they lose interest and have no incentive to further develop the app so it dies.

My policy will be to provide a totally free version of BTInterface but it will contain nag screens which will pop up every now and again.

If you’re ok with the nag screens then you may never need to purchase the full nag-free version however if you do purchase then I hope you are ok with the price which is equal approximately to buying a couple of drinks.

Purchasing will support me and encourage me to continue development on BTInterface.

Let me know your thoughts on the matter by visiting my forum at

Thank you.

Ian, your developer of BTInterface.

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