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Note: occasionally the only way to get things to work is to turn your device off and on again.

You can test BTInterface by sending a text message to it.

See: Can I test it? For more.

If you have bought a device with a serial bluetooth interface then when you power it up it should be ready to connect which is usually indicated by a flashing LED light.

You may have to setup an incoming virtual port if you wish to use BTInterface with anything that uses a Bluetooth dongle rather than a dedicated module ie: PCs, Laptops, and the Raspberry Pi. Please see the Step By Step Guide and see our forum at: for more information about setting up virtual incoming serial ports on PCs and laptops.

It should then only be a matter of running BTInterface on your android device and pressing the Discover button then BTInterface will search for bluetooth devices that are in pairing or connecting mode.

If BTInterface finds one or more devices it will present you with a list so that you can choose the device to connect to, upon which BTInterface will attempt to connect to the chosen device.

If you accidentally choose wrongly you can just hit the Discover button to try again. When you have chosen the correct device BTInterface will attempt to connect to it.

Also if BTInterface is trying to discover or connect when you don’t want it to, pressing the back button on your device will usually stop it.

On the first connection attempt it may need you to enter a PIN number which is usually 1234 or 0000 but it may be different, please check with the makers of the device. This ‘pairing’ PIN number is only required the first time and when it is connected it will popup a small message to tell you so and usually the light on the device will stop flashing and stay on to indicate that you are now connected.

For PCs and Laptops you will be required to supply this number yourself and you just have to make sure you put the same number in BTInterface and the PC or Laptop.

BTInterface remembers the device that it was connected to so the next time you turn on your device it should be enough just to start BTInterface and press the Connect button to connect again.

If the bluetooth connection is lost because the device has been turned off or it has gone out of range etc. then after a while a little popup message will appear ‘Bluetooth Disconnected’ and a sound will play, when you are back in range or the device is turned on again then it should be enough to go back to the ‘main’ screen which is the first screen with the big logo, and press the Connect button to connect again. If that doesn’t work then you can always press the Discover button to connect again.

If you are having difficulty pairing straight from BTInterface then the solution may be to pair the device first from within the System. This can be done by going to Settings > System > Bluetooth Settings > Scan for devices then you should be able to find your device and pair with it.

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