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While every effort has been made by the developer to insure that BTInterface works reliably and without problems yet such a complex application as BTInterface precludes total control of its usage or methods of employment.

For example it is conceivable that either through a mistake in programming by the developer of a micro controller device/PC and/or through a system crash or even programmed on purpose by the developer of a micro controller device that it might be possible to cause BTInterface to become stuck in a loop and if this loop involved the sending of SMS messages then it is further conceivable that many SMS messages might be sent before the user was able to stop BTInterface from sending and/or a malicious developer of micro controller devices might cause SMS messages to be sent to chargeable numbers the net result being that the user is left with a large phone bill.

Other conceivable misuse might include the use of BTInterface to control something malicious.

All of these possibilities are totally beyond the control of the developer of BTInterface that developer being Farstand Data Ltd. Trading as BTInterface.

It is vitally important for any users of the BTInterface software in any of its guises to acknowledge that the developer can take no responsibility whatsoever for any misuse of the software or any mistakes or malicious programming that causes anything of a harmful nature.

BTInterface is developed in good faith to allow developers using micro controller devices the possibility of making amazing machines that can be controlled wirelessly.

There are many other bluetooth controller applications out there however BTInterface strives to do it better.

The developer will not be held responsible for any misuse or mistakes of the BTInterface software WHATSOEVER and will not be paying anyone’s phone bills.

The use of the BTInterface software is an intrinsic and implicit acknowledgement of this disclaimer.

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